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Updated November 30, 2015 - Please Read

We love to help promote local businesses and events!  (Especially for those who are willing help us too)

We post a maximum of three new items each day.  If you want to send us $10, $20 or even $50, yours will probably be one of the three.

Three easy things you can do to help:

1. We cannot guarantee publication of any material, but priority is given to advertisers on this site.

2. Assuming you are asking us to include links to you or your client's websites or social media profiles, we would appreciate if you would return the favor.  Good links help everyone.  If you do not link to us or share our content first, please do not expect any links or social sharing from us.

3. Email submissions in Word or text format (pdfs are not accepted) to  Please note that we do not post articles previously posted elsewhere and submissions made to any other email addresses will be ignored.  Recommended length is 450-550 words, appropriate photos should be included if available.  No more than two links will be included in any article.

Do NOT send us "Embargoed" news.  We do not know what that is - and will use it if and when we want to.

Please let us know if you would like to write a regular column or post articles or events frequently, and we can get your account set up so you are able to post any time you would like!  We do reserve the right to edit or remove any post that we deem unacceptable, so keep it clean and keep it positive!

If you want us to cover an event, please feel free to invite us, but make sure we aren't expected to attend alone or pay to be there.  We are glad to cover worthy events as much as we can.

If you are looking for someone to write an article for you and/or your business, our professional writers will write a 500-750 word article on the subject of your choice, using facts you provide.  The article will be sent to you for approval, then posted at and also sent to a local media list of over 100 local media outlets.  All for only $500.  If you want to get on the schedule, please make payment via PayPal and send details to

Thank you very much for your patronage - we love helping to promote you and your business!
Eastside Business Journal Guidelines:
1) All submitted releases must have a contact, with an email address and phone number for us to confirm where the release came from.
2) Recommended length for press releases is 450-750 words.
3) Appropriate photos and graphics are advised and welcomed.
4) Press releases should have a maximum of two outgoing links, plus links to your company's social network pages.  More than two links + social networks may cause a release to be discarded without posting.
5) Press releases may be edited or refused at the discretion of Eastside Business Journal
6) Remember that you are writing to attract new customers - not turn them off.  Offer valuable content, advices, tools, tips and tricks, but do NOT over self-promote.  Nobody likes that and it will not help you or your business.
7) Once your press release is posted via the Eastside Business Journal, please visit to confirm completeness and accuracy - and share via your company's social networks.

We are working for you and aim to provide the best customer service possible.  Because of sheer volume of emails and press releases received by the Eastside Business Journal, we cannot always respond to emails and cannot guarantee publication (except to our advertisers).

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